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Jelonnek Transformatoren und Wickelgut GmbH

P.O. Box 1207
D-73443 Oberkochen
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D-73447 Oberkochen

Phone: +49 (0) 7364 / 5050
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Single-phase transformer

On the one hand our one-phase transformers offer you a high level of flexibility and customization according to their features and are cheap and produced fast on the other hand.

Your advantages at a look:

  • Exact calculations according to your wishes
  • Up to 2 kVA in all circuit positions
  • Your transformer as:

Power transformer
Isolating transformer
Control transformer
Safety isolating transformer
Compensator transformer

  • In every shape and iron qualities
  • Also as laminated core or strip-wound cut core and or toroidal cores
  • Open or installed in a housing
  • Vacuum impregnating of your transformer

With high precision to your product:

Jelonnek Transformatoren und Wickelgut GmbH is working with an own-developed computer program to calculate the exact measurements of your transformer. According to that, we have the possibility to calculate your product exactly, fast and flexibly adapted for your requirement and circuit.
Special products don't need to be expensive: Thank to your fast and precise calculations, we are able to offer you a cheap transformer produced according to your wishes.

Because there are many applications field of our transformers, you can chose from as many different connectivity options:

  • Primary and secondary tapping
  • Loose ends in your lengths, color and material
  • single- or multi-contact plug on your coil form
  • thermometers and fuses for safety
  • pin-connections for circuit boards
  • transformer terminals or terminal blocks
  • more special solutions according to your wishes

Jelonnek Transformatoren und Wickelgut Ltd. does usual electronic montages to your product, e.g. soldering work.

  • Implementation into an enclosure with connectivity ports, plugs and cables with fitting safety-relevant features, e.g. automatic fuse.
  • Grouting for protection against environment influences, thereby better heat dissipation and electric isolation
  • more special solutions according to your wishes.


We offer following mounting options:

  • Foot angels
  • Standing bolts
  • Only Screws

Technical facts:

If you want to learn more about our single-phase transformers, click HERE.